RBM Voice & Data Consultancy was formed in 2003 primarily as the trading name of David Girling. It has since grown to become a specialist company trading in all aspects of the Avaya INDeX telephone system as well as advising end users on many other telecommunication products and subjects.

Our experience dates back to the days when INDeX was the main product of SDX at Welwyn Garden City, and although AVAYA have now discontinued it, it still stands up as one of the best (and most reliable) products in the market place. Today, there are thousands of INDeX systems in operation with salesmen banging on their doors trying to replace this fantastic product with fancy bits of kit of varying reliability and ease of use.

Many ancillary products have been added to our base INDeX portfolio, such as LCR, and despite the proliferation of least cost routing companies, we are still able to generate considerable amounts of business for line rentals and call cost business. Quality is our priority in all of our services, and as such we only use Tier 1 suppliers that we know well and have worked with in the past and can therefore guarantee complete satisfaction.

Our range of products has expanded to include all aspects of network cabling and we are diverse enough now to incorporate CCTV and other security items and systems into our expanding portfolio.