One of the most versatile and effective security solutions available, CCTV is not only a very successful deterrent, reducing your risk of becoming a victim of crime, but it also significantly raises the likelihood of a conviction, should an incident occur. CCTV can effectively replace manned security guarding in many instances, reducing your security budget requirements, especially with remote monitoring having become a practical and cost-effective reality.

CCTV is not only low-cost and effective in isolation - it also works very well in conjunction with other security systems, such as access control and intruder alarms.

We fit CCTV systems with facilities to pan, zoom and tilt, as well as cameras that will effectively operate in low light conditions.  Real-time visual verification, which is digitally stored for later review, allows an immediate police response and minimises false alarms.

If you require an experienced team to design and install your security system, please contact us for more information.  We look forward to working with you!

Consideration must be given to the privacy of individuals.

Please Note: The Data Protection Act demands that all commercial CCTV systems (both internal and external) be registered and comply with the requirements of the Information Commissioner.