Is it sensible to install INDeX?

If you are a small to medium sized company that requires a better system than perhaps your old Panasonic or Goldstar system of between 10 to 100 extensions, you could certainly make a worse decision than installing a second user INDeX system. The industry has many new products that they must sell - whether you need it or not! VoiP is being pushed by every company, but do you need to spend the horrendous amounts of cash for this feature that only benefits multi location companies who spend a fortune communicating between one another. The industry is full of buzz words and new gizmos that can benefit some or even many users - but NOT everybody!

The INDeX system was years ahead of its time when it was launched and is not out of date today, and still has features that many smaller systems can only dream of having. Avaya discontinued it last year but must still support it for another 4 years. There are enough spare parts in the market place to support it for a decade at least.
Prices for fully tested and working parts are a fraction of what they were which means that you can buy a system and maintain it for less than half what it would have cost you two years ago.

YES! YES! YES! - of course it is sensible to invest in an INDeX system today.

What do I do now to find out if INDeX will meet my needs?
Call us and we will discuss your requirements and evaluate if it is sensible and feasible for you to go this route.
Canít I just fill in a questionnaire and e-mail it to you and you give me a quote?
Certainly. If you like the quotation, we will even visit you and demonstrate how the system will work in your company.
Do you undertake installation, training and maintenance of the system?
The system will be installed by INDeX trained engineers and the training carried out by professional trainers. Maintenance will be contracted to an authorised Avaya maintainer who you will be able to either negotiate with directly or we will organise this for you.
Please rest assured that every aspect of the sale, installation and follow up support/maintenance will be carried out by fully trained INDeX personnel.

Please click on the “CONTACT” tab and go to “INDeX system installations” where you will find a simple questionnaire to complete for a comprehensive quotation to be sent to you normally within 48 hours.

This service is completely FREE OF CHARGE and there is no obligation for you to proceed further.