Is your Maintenance Contract due for renewal?

Every year your maintenance contract requires renewing (and paying) and not infrequently, it has increased by “x” amount. This year it will almost certainly be different as many INDeX maintainers are saying that either they cannot (will not) maintain it or the price has jumped up because from May 2009, Avaya will not offer any support for the system. Companies are being pushed into buying VoiP systems because they believe that they will be dragged back into the dark ages if they do not do this.  There are very few systems that cannot be maintained although it is possible that some licences may be difficult to replace if a fault occurs.

Let's get some things into perspective, THERE IS A CREDIT FREEZE ON NOW! We all know that this new technology is wonderful and may give SOME companies and SOME groups SOME advantages, but the vast majority of companies will get little benefit, in fact, many of these new (and very expensive) telephone handsets have poor audio quality compared with the digital handsets that INDeX use. In addition, the reliability of many of these systems leaves a lot to be desired if the truth be known. How much has the cost of your maintenance contract gone DOWN over the past few years? What! - it hasn't gone down. Well it should have.

The price of spare parts for INDeX systems has plummeted over the past few years. For example, a DSLC32 system card had an rrp of £3150.00 + VAT - I  now sell them (2nd user) for £30.00 + VAT. Why is this not reflected in your maintenance charges?

With money being tight now, why not stay with your reliable INDeX system for the next year or so with a low cost maintenance contract.

NB: There is enough INDeX kit in the market place to service your requirements for a decade at least. Because the INDeX system was so advanced when it was launched 17+ years ago, it is good enough to compete with most modern systems and is also better and more feature rich than many of them - even today.

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