All repairs will be reduced from 16.00 to ONLY 10.00 EACH

These prices exclude carriage and vat but include new curly cords, inserts etc exactly as before and still includes the 90 day warranty

All handsets are bought in and stripped down, cleaned, re-assembled and then electronically tested.
They have new inserts fitted and new curly cords and are then re-tested as a complete unit and then shrink-wrapped!


The hand pieces (the bit that goes to your mouth and ear) are cleaned and then re-cleaned using an antiseptic solution. It is important that this hygiene is followed through and the handset protected so it is immediately shrink-wrapped as the finished unit may well sit on my shelf (Or in your stores) for several weeks (or longer). Hygiene should also be followed in the work place by not allowing other people to use your telephone.

In practise, this simple, sensible hygiene precaution to avoid spreading germs is rarely followed!


  • If you are “Selling on” the handset you probably want your company name or logo on the box. If you supply the boxes we will put the finished product into them and even dispatch them direct to your client under plain wrapper.
  • As it is securely wrapped in heavy gauge shrink-wrap, it is already well protected and will be “bubble wrapped” in the carton despatched to you/your client. We will however, put the finished product into a plain white box for you to “Sell on” if you request it. There will be NO CHARGE for this additional service.
  • I also supply a BRAND NEW line cord with each refurbished handset but ask you to tell me what type you require i.e. BT (the type with the white connector) or RJ45 (the type with the clear connector). I do not charge for these and will supply whatever type you require free of charge (One per handset).

    Pricing & Terms & Conditions.

    Repaired handsets will be returned to you within 5 working days.

    Purchased items will be dispatched via “Overnight Courier”

    All handsets will be completely cleaned, any keys with damaged printing/numbers will be replaced and they will be fully tested and will be professionally shrink wrapped. A list of handsets will be enclosed with serial numbers of each and details of any fault (B.E.R.) identified. If you have personalized boxes you would like the finished item put into, this will be done and the boxes individually labelled with product details and bar code (if required).

    There will be NO ADDITIONAL charge for this service.

    Hand pieces and curly cords will be changed and new inserts fitted (Where required)  16.0010 + vat


    In the unlikely event of any problems within 3 months of our repairing the products, we will repair them f.o.c.

    All invoices will be for the cost + vat + carriage and it is requested that payment be made upon receipt of goods.